United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) Issues Its 8 millionth patent!

United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) issued its 8 millionth patent today to a Swiss implantable visual prosthetics company, Second Sight Medical Products. The patent claims a “visual prosthesis” that uses a camera that then sends a stimulating impulse to neural tissue in a subject’s eye. This figure is a clear indication of the continuous success of patent policies of present and past US governments. Patents have been integral part of US state policy towards rewarding inventors for their inventive creations, and a prime reason why US is an invention superpower (comments welcome).

This must also incite an obvious query in your mind? Where does India stand with respect to patent figures? The recent annual report published by our patent authority, Indian Patent Office, states that the Indian patent office has issued 53,784 patents in last 7 years.


However, the encouraging fact is that the things are improving. The average percentage increase of patent grants in last 7 years has been + 37.38 percent.

For more details see: http://www.uspto.gov/news/pr/2011/11-47.jsp

Kshitij Malhotra

Inohelp IP


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