Patent Humour

Patents are always thought to be serious business. But here are some patents which are fun and hilarious at the same time. Have a look:

1.     Anti eating face mask – US Patent No. 4344424

In the year 1980, the inventor of this incredible ‘anti eating face mask’ had foreseen the sedentary life of today’s generation. Be it the 30 minutes pizza or the happy meal, the temptation to over eat is virtually irresistible. Hence this device! It puts a check on your consumption of food. Along with curbing obesity this amazing invention is sure to give all the fitness centre’s a run for their money!

2.     Animal Ear Protector- Patent No. 4233942

Are you tired of washing your dog’s long hair every time it gets soiled while eating? Then here is good news for you. All you need to do is strap this device up your poodle’s hair to keep its ears away from the mouth and the food while eating.  This surely calls for an extra bowl of pedigree for your dog tonight.

3.     Instant face lift – Patent No. 4995379

      The age old theory of ageing gracefully has taken a back seat. From anti wrinkle creams to face lifts to Botox, people (read women) are ready to go to any extent to look younger. This unique invention will lift your face along with your spirits without any surgery. Check it out!





4.     Life expectancy watch- Patent No. 5031161

This spectacular watch can tell you something that even Google cannot. Hard to believe? Well this life expectancy watch depicts the time remaining in a user’s life.  Our sound advice to Insurance

companies: please be careful!

For more such patents, see this link.

To download, click here

All Images Used are from Public Domain


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